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While effective response and short fix times are important we focus first on preventing service interruptions. Our commitment to preventing failures leads us to anticipate rather than wait for problems to impact your business.

We will monitor your server online securely from our support centre looking for signs of developing problems. Diagnostic systems alert our engineers to out of line conditions so they can take support actions early.  

Prevention is better than cure!

We will check the status of vital network functions including:

  • Backups – we check that your backup has completed successfully.
  • Anti Virus – we confirm that the latest anti-virus definitions have been downloaded.
  • Services – we check on active server functions, ensuring that they remain operational.
  • Windows Updates – we check that Windows Security Updates are applied and we control system restarts when required to install the latest patches.
  • Disk Space and Usage
  • System Performance (memory and processor utilisation)
  • Server uptime and internet connection alerts

We will agree with you a regular time when your server can be restarted for security updates or engineering modifications etc to take effect. Our engineers will also routinely carry out scheduled and unscheduled preventive maintenance as required, usually unseen and often out of hours.