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Berica’s proven Support Services are implemented through a blend of telephone Helpline, internet based Online Services and Onsite Support. We began delivering these services in 2002, following repeated requests from clients of our Project Services. 

Berica was among the early adopters and developers of online support technologies.

Clients of all sizes, from a one person start-up company to a £1bn turnover multi-national, have used Berica Support Services. We support client sites across the UK.



We speak with many organisations that have become unhappy with their technology partners. A frequent cause is that the partner seeks to impose fixed approaches and technologies irrespective of the client organisation’s needs. 

Consequently we have made flexibility a central foundation of our support philosophy. We try harder to recognise and respond to the particular needs of our clients. Our size is such that we can be more nimble than our larger competitors, whilst providing higher quality and more reliable services than cheap alternatives.


Help at Hand

Learning is easy when you have a specialist “looking over your shoulder” – so much easier than remembering what you were taught in a classroom 6 months ago! Using our online facilities we offer help on the job with Microsoft Windows and Office products when you need it.

So, for example, when a staff member needs to tackle something new in Excel or if (s)he forgets how to execute a particular Outlook function, our Helpdesk will be there to help and advise. Even our engineers cannot know every detail of every product, but they will be ready to conduct research to address your needs, even when the requirement is new to them.