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It is vital to the health of your network that Anti Virus/Spam/Malware & Patch Management are kept up to date and under control.

Berica can you help you achieve this.  We partner with a number of vendors to ensure you get the software most relevant to your setup.  

Our centralised monitoring systems ensure we can identify any machines that fall behind on their updates and immediately bring them back into line.  This reduces the risk of virus infection and ensures smooth and uninterrupted use of your IT.

Ensuring your PC's are up to date with the latest Microsoft Patches is key to keeping your information safe.  Our systems will monitor and force the PC's to update when necessary.  This can be scheduled to happen out of hours to minimise disruption to your network.  That's not all though, the systems can also highlight when updates are necessary in 3rd party programmes, such as Adobe, Java, Apple and many more.