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SharePoint has the potential to transform the way you work and collaborate with members of your team on your critical businesss data. As a centralised repository SharePoint can replace existing filestores or electronic filing solutions and bring your information to life.

At Berica we can help you use SharePoint within your office environment and across mobile phones and tablet computers including iOS/Android and Windows devices.

  • Build an 'intranet' so that everyone has one place to go for current information, policies and procedures
  • Extend your information outside the organisation to customers, suppliers and business partners by building an 'extranet'
  • Use SharePoint to deliver your public-facing website, cutting costs and compexity and making it easy for authorised staff to keep web content updated and accurate
  • SharePoint can act as your central document & file management system, bringing massive savings in the costs of hunting for paperwork
  • Allow colleagues to use the collaboration spaces and social tools, somuch more effective than emails which don't always include those who need to know or who can add value to the conversation
  • SharePoint is ideal to help you search for content across your enterprise search, and to view up-to-the-minute business intelligence
  • And increasingly the best businesses are using SharePoint to smooth their business processes, and to automate parts of their workflow completely.