A multitude of possibilities are open to our clients revolutionising their business processes, starting quickly and progressing steadily:

  • A simple move from paper to mobile devices, automating data entry where possible and eliminating the lack of clarity when reading hand-writing
  • Initially, to get benefits in days, just submit forms by email.
  • Next submit forms directly to SharePoint for filing - either in-house or using hosted SharePoint for only a few pounds per user per month with very rapid setup.
  • Have SharePoint examine the forms automatically on arrival. Routine ones may simply be filed; while SharePoint alerts key staff to any forms needing action.Suddenly a whole raft of routine, low-level filing work is taken care of automatically; staff are freed from boring work and become able to focus on the interesting situations where action is required.
  • Extract data out of forms automatically and begin to place it straight into existing line of business systems, without the costs, delays and errors that come from re-keying.
  • Push information out to colleagues in the field, automatically. Imagine a situation where staff add information to the company-wide SharePoint system and then job or work orders get generated and sent wirelessly to mobile staff immediately. Your dispatching process can identify the engineer closest to the job location, or target particular jobs for named individuals with specialist skills and equipment or make a general pool of work orders available for operators to grab the next in the queue as soon as they become freeā€¦

Whatever your scenario, talk to us at Berica and we can help you steal a march on your competitors!